State Treasurer

Tim.jpgTimothy Runkle graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelor’s degree in Geology. He currently works in the environmental consulting industry as a Senior Project Manager resolving client risks and liabilities while ensuring the protection of human health and the environment. His field of expertise involves complex environmental problems that require a firm handle of regulatory, business, and stakeholder knowledge.

Tim has been involved with his local Green Party since 2005 and he presently serves on several committees of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) focusing on fundraising, outreach, and education. He is presently in his second term as Treasurer for the Green Party of Pennsylvania and co-chairs the Lancaster County Green Party. In 2017, he ran for Elizabethtown Borough Council and Judge of Elections receiving 8.5% of the vote in the three-way race for Borough Council and winning the Judge of Elections office.  In 2019 he won the Elizabethtown Tax collector election through a write-in campaign; however, chose not assume the office.

Tim has worked on projects that increase the accessibility of the average person to obtain elected office. As part of a team within the Green Party of Pennsylvania he helped develop GreenWave, which is the educational and outreach program serving independents and third party candidates. He is an active participant in seeking ballot access and has worked within the petitioning programs for the Jill Stein 2016 campaign, Jules Murmelstein’s Superior Court Judge race in 2017, and the Green Party’s 2018 slate of candidates. Tim has lead training courses with the National Green Party covering the aspects of campaign finance and minor parties.  Locally he has presented Green positions for political science and ecology programs at Elizabethtown College.

As an energetic follower of public legislation, Tim is a frequent contributor to newspapers circulating in central Pennsylvania. His letters to the editor intend to alarm readers about our legislative actions with a focus on peace, justice, ecology, and democracy.



Timothy Runke joins Joseph Soloski, both candidates for PA State Treasurer, on the Pennsylvania Project for a conversation on how each will fulfill the duties of the office.  Click link for radio interview

During his interview with Scott LaMar of WITF Smart Talk, Timothy Runkle explains that we can use the PA State Treasurer’s office to provide a new perspective on Commonwealth revenues and spending.  Click link for radio interview.

Timothy Runkle discusses direct democracies, cooperatives, fossil fuel subsidies, and the case against nuclear energy as well as the importance of understanding fiat currency for the State Treasurer of Pennsylvania.  Tim joins the United Anarchist News Show at 1 hour into the podcast.  Click link for podcast.

In this brief appearance on Renegade ReW Timothy Runkle provides an update on the difficulties of ballot access and touches on his campaign for PA State Treasurer.  Includes details on the Amish for Trump, Intercourse, and the smorgasbords of Lancaster County, PA. Click link for podcast.

Anne Danahy interviews Tim about the race for PA State Treasurer during this C-NET interview.  Click link for video.

As part of a student assignment Hana Graybill of Drexel University discusses the media challenges for Green candidates with Timothy Runkle.  Click link for paper.